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View ALL operational data in real-time via Dashboards & site-wide

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Build mobile data capture forms for any purpose, with real-time

reporting dashboards


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Manage a network of designated livestock producers, within vertically integrated meat processing


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Dynamic & Solutions Focussed


With DATABILITY 360, analysis that used to take hours now takes seconds. If you want to streamline reporting & implement Lean, this is the best tool on the market.

Robert Leaning - Factory Development Manager

Make Operational Decisions Based on Facts 


DATABILITY 360 is a real-time Performance Management & Reporting solution, which integrates 'traditionally' Excel-based processes.  All production & operational data can be captured 'line-side' & translated into actionable insights, as part of Short Interval Control management.

Using Android-Based tablets, operators can record production events.  All relevant KPIs are then automatically calculated & displayed via

TV-based dashboards, placed thought the facility.


Outputs include: 

  • Units Produced

  • Line OEE & Efficiency 

  • Downtime Events 

  • Waste & Rework

  • Materials Consumption Vs Standard

  • Shift Handover Notes 

  • Action Logs & Email Alerts

  • Access to Product SOPs & Standards


  + We can add any KPI you require

DATABILITY 360 Integrated Functionality.

All Business KPIs Collated & Accessible Via a Single Source 

All Business KPIs Collated & Accessible Via a Single Source 

All Business KPIs Collated & Accessible Via a Single Source 


We use the latest Business Intelligence technologies to link all of your existing data sources (Excel, Access, SQL etc.) 

into centralised management reporting dashboards. 

Utilising technical & operational expertise we can introduce any relevant business KPI – if you don’t have the data available we add the capture mechanism to fill in the gaps. 


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Data is Interactive!

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We provide off-the shelf & bespoke dashboards for any purpose

Paperless Operations - From Start-up Checks to GMP Audits


Using the DATABILITY 360 form builder, operations can go paperless.  Users are able to digitally build forms for any purpose, & record data on the move.

Information added to the application can 'trigger' emails & 'Action Logging', plus data is immediately available for review via purpose built Dashboards.


Example Forms Include: 

  • Pre-operational Checks

  • QA Inspections

  • Intake Checks

  • Auditing (GMP, H&S)

  • Non-conformance Reporting

  • Corrective Actions

  • Action Logging

  • Materials Ordering

  • Engineering Requests

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Livestock 360 is a web-based application, designed for meat processing plants which source livestock from designated farms & producers. The platform integrates most livestock purchasing functions & reduces administration by superseding disparate legacy systems & streamlining processes.

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Accessed via the internet, Livestock 360 centrally manages farm records for all sites & species. This includes:

Contacts, Addresses, Assurances, Health Schemes, Visits etc. 


Each day, abattoir-level data is imported into the system to provide:

Animal Weights, EUROP Score, Health Issues, Carcase Value etc.

By centrally managing data on both suppliers & carcase performance, the system makes it simple for purchasing departments to set & amend internal specifications (weight & EUROP), rank producers, correspond en masse & analyse KPIs by site, species, region, breed etc.


Key Features:

  • Multi-Site & Multi-Species

  • Centrally Manage All Farm Records

  • In-App Mail Merge Wizard

  • Producer Web-Portal

  • In-App Report Builder

  • Accessible Via PCs & Tablets


Reduce Administration Within Livestock Purchasing Departments

Existing Processes Mapped & Re-Built as Web-Based Applications


If the systems used to manage & report on performance within your business are inefficient, we can help. We are specialists at rationalising processes, superseding spreadsheets & providing simple, accurate real-time operational insight.

We specialise in creating database driven applications & welcome bespoke projects or customisation of our existing platforms.


Our team can adapt your existing Excel / Access processes into bespoke & integrated software applications. 

Whether linking into your existing infrastructure using our RESTful web API, or building new indicators & dashboards. We have the expertise to define, develop & deliver whatever you need.

Our Holistic Approach
People + Process + Systems 
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Continuous Insight - Continuous Improvement

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