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Livestock 360 is a web-based application, designed for meat processing plants which source livestock from designated farms & producers. The platform integrates most livestock purchasing functions & reduces administration by superseding disparate legacy systems & streamlining processes.

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Accessed via the internet, Livestock 360 centrally manages farm records for all sites & species. This includes:

Contacts, Addresses, Assurances, Health Schemes, Visits etc. 


Each day, abattoir-level data is imported into the system to provide:

Animal Weights, EUROP Score, Health Issues, Carcase Value etc.

By centrally managing data on both suppliers & carcase performance, the software makes it simple for purchasing departments to set & amend internal specifications (weight & EUROP), rank producers, correspond en masse & analyse KPIs by site, species, region, breed etc.


Key Features:

  • Multi-Site & Multi-Species

  • Centrally Manage All Farm Records

  • In-App Mail Merge Wizard

  • Producer Web-Portal

  • In-App Report Builder

  • Accessible Via PCs & Tablets

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LIVESTOCK 360 – Streamline Processes & Reduce Administration

DCP LS360 Background copy.png

As the sole beef & venison supplier to Waitrose, we ensure quality by purchasing livestock from designated producers.


We keep extensive records about their farms, husbandry & improvement initiatives. Managing all of this information became increasingly complex & my team were drowning in admin!


After Livestock 360 was implemented, all of our reports were auto-generated & we were able to send out bulk emails with producers’ own data in seconds, whereas this used to take days of our time, every month.


Staff on-boarding has been simple & the human errors that occurred have been mitigated.  We can now focus on more important activities & have even maintained a reduced office head-count.

Kate Sutton

Cattle Procurement Manager

Access Producer Records During Farm Visits & When Home Working

Once abattoir data is available, users complete ‘Daily Tasks’ within Livestock 360 & send correspondence to producers.

Data is imported & stored by Ear Tag, which allows animal-level reporting within the KPI dashboards.


All Producer & Abbatoir Performance Records In One Place

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Livestock 360 provides a report for every purpose, which automatically refresh & require no manual intervention.  Custom reports of carcase data can be created using the in-app Report Builder & exported as .CSV files. Plus the  application can also connect with Microsoft Power BI, allowing unparalled insight via interactive & drillable dashboards.


Data-Led Decision Making, Via KPI Reports & Dashboards

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Remove Spreadsheets & Increase Productivity


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