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Livestock 360 is a web-based application, designed for meat processing plants which process livestock from designated farms & producers. The application covers most livestock purchasing processes & streamlines data management by superseding disparate legacy systems & spreadsheets.

Lean operations understand that the gap between paid hours & fully productive time is opportunity which can be utilised.  However as business grows, complexity increases. Companies are not always aware of where paid hours are being focussed, the true cost of products/services & the causes of margin erosion.


At Agility we help to answer these questions & more by delivering timely & accurate management insight.  Whether data poor or drowning in information without insight, we provide off the shelf, tailored & bespoke data capture & reporting solutions.

  • Utilise a centralised data warehouse for Business Intelligence

  • Actively manage operations in real-time

  • Understand the true cost of products & services

  • Identify ways to innovate & continuously improve


Livestock 360 provides complete management of livestock producers, within vertically integrated meat processing operations.

Holding details on all farms & suppliers, plus animal-level kill data, the application integrates the processes completed by a livestock purchasing department. By integrating producer & abattoir performance into a single application, companies can reduce administration, correspond with producers en masse & view departmental KPIs via Power BI Dashboards.


Key Features:

•Multi-Site & Multi-Species

•Centrally Manage All Farm Records

•In-App Mail Merge Wizard

•Producer Web-Portal

•In-App Report Builder

Accessible Via PCs & Tablets

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